Experience that adds value

 When developing Business Intelligence solutions it is necessary to have 2 things. 

  • Technical skills with tools and software
  • Experience and knowledge from the domain to understand what makes it ”tick”

Full stack development

We have knowledge of tools that extracts data from the source, store and organise it, and visualise in an understandable and purposeful way for the domain. We can deliver services for:

Cloud based databases like Google Big Query or on-premise databases like SQL Server.

Qlik Data integration platform for automating data streaming.

Visualisation and BI tools like Qlik Sense and Power BI.

Domain knowledge

We have worked in various domains over the years:

Production: Visualising OEE, Quality, Yields.

Retail: Visualising Sales, Campaing follow-up, Customer clubs.

Finance: Result, balance sheets, and Budgets.

And more….